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FAQ - Magnetic Lashes

Are The Magnetic Lashes Made From Mink Or Animal Hair?
No certainly not! Despite there being thousands of mink farms in Europe, we have worked tirelessly on developing soft, lightweight lashes which are comfortable to wear.  Our lashes are made from synthetic fibers. What's more we do not test on animals.

Please check out our two recent blogs on the Truth about Eyelash Extensions and Are Mink Lash Extensions High Maintenance? to discover more.


Natural Magnetic Eyelash Kit eyeliner mirror fake lash applicator

How Do I Increase The Longevity Of My Lashes?
Avoid using an oil-based cleanser on the magnetic lashes.  Store correctly and handle gently.  Do not use oil-based, heavy or waterproof mascara on the magnetic lashes and never ever use glue.

I'm Allergic To Lash Glue But Want To Use False Lashes?
If you've struggled in the past, fear not there is no glue needed with these! You can wave goodbye to glue for good. The magnetic liner supplied provides strong, all day hold and the lashes contain 5 tiny magnets on each strip, rather than 3 - so there is no need for additional sticky, messy glue!

I've Tried Magnetic Lashes Before But Didn't Like Them - Why Should I Use Yours?
Unlike the original magnetic lashes which sandwiched your top lashes between two magnetic lash strips on each eye, these only use a magnetic liner, so they are much simpler and easier  to apply.  The original magnetic lashes on the market were tricky to use and as such, received poor reviews.  For further details on what makes our lashes different check out Why Choose Our Lashes. To see our customer photos and 5 star reviews visit our Eyelash Boutique.

My Eyelashes Are A Different Colour To The False Lashes
Simply apply a layer of mascara to your own lashes to blend them into the false lashes.  Wait for the mascara to dry before applying.  Our lashes are all black for that added wow factor!

Will My Lashes Come Off In The Rain Or Wind?
Our lashes are very secure thanks to our waterproof and unique eyeliner formulation, which contains microscopic magnetic particles.  The lashes have five magnets on each side, compared to some lashes that only have three.  This gives them added hold and longevity, even when trimmed.  They have been proven to be both windproof, sweat proof, and rainproof.   

For optimal hold use two coats of waterproof magnetic eyeliner and wait for it to dry. Apply eyeliner the full width of the eye, ensuring you draw a thick line. Remember to push down on the magnets when applying lashes and pay attention to the edges of the eye to avoid lifting. 

For oily lids use a non-oil-based setting primer or eye shadow for longer wear. We do recommend not to go swimming with the lashes and liner on and remove them before going to bed or showering.

I Have No Lashes Can I Still Use Beauty Setting Lashes?
Yes, most definitely.  Since the fake lashes attach to your skin rather than any natural lashes, they are ideal for you. They were specifically developed with this in mind.  Plus if you only have a handful of lashes, rest assured they are gentle so will not pull out the few that you left, on removal of the magnetic lashes - unlike glue from lash extensions, traditional false lashes or clusters.

The Lashes Are Too Wide For My Eyes - What Should I Do?
Since eyes vary naturally in size, you will find that the false lashes may be too wide. If this is the case, simply trim the lashes down from the outer corners and repeat for the other lash.  It's probably wise to trim less than you think to start off with to avoid trimming away too much.

I Struggle To Apply A Different Eyeliner, Other Than My Own - Can I Still Use Magnetic Lashes?  
Yes absolutely! You can always apply your favourite eyeliner first and once you are happy with the shape, apply the magnetic liner on top.  Then any slight wiggly lines will not show up.

Do I Need To Curl My Magnetic Lashes?
No - unlike mink lashes, our magnetic lashes hold their curl.

Can I Use The Lashes On Asian Or Hooded Lids?
Yes absolutely.  They will stay put all day.  

Are Magnetic Lashes safe?
Yes they are - please see our dedicated section on magnetic lashes and their safety here.  Wave goodbye to damaged lashes for good!

Are Magnetic Eyelashes Easy To Apply?
Most definitely....they can even be applied with one hand in seconds and they are so so much easier than traditional false lashes and glue.  Please read our section on applying magnetic lashes and liner here.

What Are The Ingredients In The Magnetic Liner
Water, acrylic acid (ester) octyl acrylamide copolymer, propylene glycol, ethylhexyl glycerol, butylene glycol, PEG-3 sorbitan oleate,Steareth-21, polydimethylsiloxane, polyvinylpyrrolidone, sorbitan sesquioleate, butylated hydroxytoluene, iodopropynol butyl carbamate,Chlorphenesin, phenoxyethanol, flavor, CI 77266, CI 7749

To shop our complete range of lashes visit our Lash Boudoir.

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