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The Best Lashes For Your Eye Shape

Avoid a false lash disaster.  Follow these rules and you'll be fluttering breathtaking, fuller lashes super fast! 

Magnetic False Lashes On Models Arm with Eyeliner no glue

What lash style are you?

Hey Gorgeous, before you go ahead and choose your luscious lashes in Our Lash Boudoir, take a sneaky peek at our Blog to find out what shape eyes you have.
Just as you would dress according to your shape and build, lash styles should be chosen to compliment and accentuate "the windows to your soul!"
Whatever type of eye shape you have, here are our recommendations for the best false eyelashes to choose to enhance and frame those gorgeous eyes of yours! 

The Right False Lashes for Hooded Eyes

Babe, you'll be wanting a false lash that's longer in the middle and which tapers at the ends. Choose the right lash style and you will create the illusion of depth.  Too dramatic and this can actually make your eyes appear smaller - which we are guessing is not the idea! Go for a pretty, natural style for an elegant look which flaunts your mystique and sultry looks.

Top Pick for Hooded Eyes - Diamond

The Right False Lashes for Round Eyes 

So, you with the striking eyes!  You are going to want lashes that are wispy and winged in the outside corner to give a sexy cat eye affect. This will draw the eye outwards and really make your eyes "pop" even more!  Avoid heavy, thick false lashes which could make your eyes look smaller.

Top Pick for Round Eyes - Diamond

The Right False Lashes for Almond Eyes 

OMG!  Well aren't you lucky! Almond eyes work with pretty much any style of lash! From a fuller fake lash, which is evenly distributed for smoldering mystery and exceptional drama.  To a false lash with winged ends to compliment your cat like stare.  The choice really is yours - so why not experiment with two styles, one for everyday and one for nights out to really super charge your look?

Top Picks for Almond Eyes - Diamond, AD811, Doha, Opulence, KS01-5, KS02-5

The Right False Lashes for Monolid Eyes

Sweetie, make the drama all yours by curling your natural lashes first.  Choose a lash that's not too dense but light, a crisscross style or with graduated length.  To compliment and really emphasise the look, go with a winged eyeliner, don't you look absolutely gorgeous!?

Top Pick for Monolid Eyes - AD811

The Right False Lashes for Upturned Eyes

Compliment your natural cat like features with a flicked winged lash.  OMG You're really going to get heads turning!

Top Pick for Upturned Eyes - AD811, Doha

The Right False Lashes for Downturned Eyes

So Beautiful, here's some advice - don't go with heavy dense lashes as this will just serve to highlight the downturn more.  Go with a light lash with longer lashes in the middle to subtly lift your eyes.

Top Pick for Downturned Eyes - Diamond, Opulence, KS02-5

The Right False Lashes for Prominent Eyes

For these dazzling and radiant protruding eyes of yours, enhance them further with a feathery and dramatic reusable magnetic lash.

Top Pick for Prominent Eyes - Doha, Opulence

The Right False Lashes for Deep Set Eyes

Calling all you deep set eyed babes! To make your lashes all fluttery, darling you are going to want to go for longer doll-like, voluminous lashes.

Top Pick for Deep Set Eyes - Doha, Opulence

The Right False Lashes for Wide Set Eyes

To accentuate the youthful beauty of your wide set eyes, we would recommend some mega lashes which are longer in the centre and super voluminous!

Top Pick for Wide Set Eyes - Diamond, Doha, Opulence

The Right False Lashes for Close Set Eyes

Sweetie, you will absolutely have to choose a lash that has longer lashes on the outer corners to lift and lengthen your eyes. You might like to trim your lashes to leave the inner eye free too.

Top Pick for Close Set Eyes - Doha,  AD811, KS02-5

.....Now that you are ready to transform your eyes and look your best head over to Our Lash Boudoirhere you can also check out our photo reviews - we'll see you there babe!

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